Mobile Propulsion System Acquisition

Mobile Propulsion System Acquisition Center Lift has acquired a Mobile Propulsion Unit from Hydraulic Marine Systems. Center Lift’s anchor handling system (or AHS) is a completely truckable solution to your mooring system deployment needs. The base of the AHS are sectional barges locked together and assembled on site. It is powered by a 350 Horsepower twin screw thruster and our anchor handling system is mounted to the bow.

The advantages of this system are flexibility, portability and efficiency. The AHS only requires a four-man crew to handle most its operations, which include launching, recovery, and load-testing anchors.

After the AHS is assembled we retrieve each anchor from the beach. Each anchor is then deployed to its designated location. This is a crane-less operation, still only requiring the AHS’s four-man crew. Once anchor installation is complete, the AHS, without modification, proceeds to set and load test the anchors. After load testing is complete we move into launch operations where the AHS becomes the hauling system.

Using 2 of the deployed anchorages, we attach the production vessel to the AHS, maintaining a secure connection and full control throughout all stages of the launch. Center Lift’s AHS offers a safe, cost-effective, and time saving solution to your mooring system deployment needs.