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*and put them where they belong

Center Lift moves marine assets using a pneumatic lift and launch system. We provide a flexible, time saving, safe, and cost-effective alternative to other heavy lift methods.


We lift and transport objects weighing in excess of 6,000 tons over all types of terrain allowing clients the freedom to move, construct, or repair assets in any location.


Unlike other heavy lift methods, Center Lift has the capability to move vessels over a grade separation of +/- 3 feet.


Center Lift’s patented Stability Control System (SCS) sets us apart from the competition. It allows us to monitor loads and bending moments during the launch, maintaining the structural integrity of the vessel.

The SCS increases efficiency and maximizes safety for both people and assets. The SCS can be controlled from the machine itself, or remotely from our custom-built Mobile Monitoring Station.


Combined with our integrated surveillance equipment, each job has “eyes-on” 24/7 throughout the launch process. 



Pneumatic rollers offer a less expensive and more flexible option for marine clientele to transport vessels. Rollers can be used to move vessels from dry docks to land, as well as land to land, requiring significantly less capital and inventory commitment, eliminating the need for long-term dry-docking. We will arrive at the job site, move the asset, and leave; returning when the vessel needs to be moved again.



By using Center Lift’s method, smaller shipyards can  increase their capacity by using non-waterfront property to house, repair, or construct vessels. These shipyards are no longer burdened  with more expensive options, nor are they limited by the constraints of a dry dock. We help shipyards maximize their property usage with minimal waterfront access by moving vessels to and from the limited waterfront access point.

One of the advantages of using the pneumatic roller system is its low ground pressure loading. Rollers can be used on poor soil impaction areas and places where there are as few as 12 inches of space between the ground and the hull, enabling our shipyard clients to build vessels far larger than their current construction capacities allow. 

Knowing this, our clients then utilize large sections of their yard to construct larger vessels, maximizing their yard capacity and profitability.

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Utilizing Center Lift’s innovative stability control system we can assist vessels over shallow areas or assist with launches of vessels that draft too much. Our system is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage numerous situations including:

  • Draft Constraints

  • Vessel Groundings

  • Stability Issues

  • Sunken/Damaged Vessels

  • Ballasting Issues


Center Lift specializes in customized launch plans for vessels up to 12,000 tons specifically designed for each client. After a site visit and risk assessment, our engineering team will deliver a plan for a safe and efficient launch. Our engineers’ design will include any anchoring and mooring requirements or create a separate detailed mooring plan if needed. Upon client approval of the plan, Center Lift’s specialized team will execute the launch.

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