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Reduce your weight and your worry

Our lightering team is made up of experts in ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock transfer operations. We provide hands on service and consultation for any operation requiring lightering or stevedoring maneuvers. 

Offshore or shoreside, our team is ready to transfer all types of cargo including crude, clean petroleum, dry bulk and edible oil safely and efficiently.

As with all of our services, our lightering and stevedoring teams operate with a safety-first attitude. We know details matter and have implemented procedures exceed industry standards. 

With more than twenty years' of direct experience in lifting and loading all types of materials, our leadership knows how to move  and handle your cargo.

Whether we are working vessel-to-vessel, or vessel-to-land, time is limited that a ship can be at a port. Center Lift will ensure transportation operations roll out without a hitch. 



By reducing your vessel's draft, our team helps to ensure prompt and safe transportation of liquid, gas, and dry bulk. Regardless of its location or distance between barge and bulker or oil tanker, we can get the job done. Additionally, our experience working with hazardous chemicals allows us to ensure safe transfer between compromised vessel to another vessel to prevent environmental damage. 


Setting out or arriving in port becomes much easier when you have a team on your side. Center Lift can load or unload bulk and packaged cargo onsite at any location globally, whether you are a port, private shipyard or charterer. 

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